Aurora Ed Tech has developed some of the most popular plugins used all over the world to enhance the experience of admins, teachers, parents, and students who use PowerSchool.

Custom Alerts

Custom Alerts allows system administrators to create student alert types entirely within the user interface.  No more customizing wildcards, searching for tiny icons, or wondering how to get alerts onto the attendance pages.  Custom Alerts places alert icons on every page with a single click and ships with over 650 icons and a full color palette.   This plugin takes care of it all.

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Test Server Identification

If you have a test server, this is a must-have plugin.  Test Server Identification allows the system administrator the ability to change the server’s background color and header with just a few clicks.  This serves as a visual cue that changes being made are in a test environment and not in production.

Changes push out to all of the portals, and the configuration page even allows for quick changes to the custom messages available on each login page.

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Test Server Identification is available as a free download on the PowerSource Exchange.


Mass Print Student Screen

This plugin was originally developed to replace the stock Mass Print feature that only worked in Internet Explorer and relied on frames. In PowerSchool 11, the frame-based solution was removed from PowerSchool, and the plugin was rebuilt to restore this functionality. For versions of PowerSchool prior to 11, the plugin modifies the existing Mass Print pages through fragments to direct the user to the new page. In PowerSchool 11 and later, these are all new pages. This plugin is no longer supported for versions of PowerSchool before 9.0.

Once a selection of students has been made, select Mass Print A Student Screen from the Group Functions drop-down (lower-right corner of the PowerSchool home screen) or the Special Functions > Group Functions page. Select a screen from the drop-down on the right side of the screen, and click Submit.

The screens will load for each student, and a progress bar will provide feedback. Be patient. Some screens produce a lot of data per student, and the browser can become bogged down as it fills with content. It is not recommended that any screen be printed for selections of students greater than 1,000, as it may crash the browser. If you need to print for more students, try breaking it up into smaller jobs.

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Mass Print Student Screen is one of the most popular plugins in the PowerSchool ecosystem and is used by over 1120 schools worldwide. This plugin is available as a free download on the PowerSource Exchange.